your life story

your life story

your life story

your life story


1) What is an Avatar?

An avatar is representation. In this case it is a computer generated animation. Designed to be more life-like than a cartoon yet clearly a drawn image. When you login you will meet your interviewer who we have called Ava Tar (we thought you would appreciate that!) Our customer research showed that Ava was the preferred avatar as she is clearly drawn and easy to view.

2) Why do you use Avatars instead of recordings?

We use Avatars for a number of reasons -
Firstly, our study showed that being interviewed by an avatar gave people a better feeling about leaving personal information and lower feeling of self-consciousness when answering the questions.
Secondly, it is less resource intensive than a video recording - this is good for two reasons. It means that it does not use up all your broadband strength and takes less out of your pc making it easier to run.
Thirdly, the avatar has been designed quite simply - with strong, clean lines - so even those with less strong eyesight can see her clearly.

3) What happens if I do not like what I have video recorded?

No problem. It is easy to either delete or re-record any part of your lifestory. The beauty of this product is that is should grow with you. You can update and record answers to existing and new categories as they come out at any time and re-record at any time too.

4) Will everybody be able to see my interviews?

NO! We have worked very hard making your recordings as safe and secure as possible, spending over 6 months on the website security alone! Only those people who you invite such as family and close friends and give a guest password to can view your life story. You can change this password at any time.

5) What if I would rather they only saw this information when I am gone?

No problem. If this is the case, please include a password in your Last Will and testament.

6) Will I be able to have a hard copy of my recordings?

Yes you will in the near future - this is something we are working on at the moment!

7) Where are the recordings stored?

The recordings are stored on servers based in the US. This is called cloud computing - where the software and servers are not sited locally.

There are many benefits of this. The servers are housed in a huge warehouse with a 24/7 guard, backup power, engineers on hand in a stable and thermostatically controlled environment. Perfect conditions for optimal performance. These powerful servers are always connected which means that you can access them at any time.

8) When can I view my recordings?

Depending on the file size, the recordings can sometimes take a little time to upload onto the servers and be ready to view.

9) Do I have to answer all the questions?

No! There are many chapters and many questions. You can view, read and listen to the questions before deciding which to answer. Only record answers to the questions you feel are relevant to you.

10) What if I have more to say than the questions cover?

It is very likely that the questions will stir up a lot of memories. This is great and while we may not come up with the perfect question for you, there is always an opportunity to add more information at the end of each session.

11) What do I do if a new question set does not appear when I click on it?

Check to see if you have a question box still open in a different window or page. If you click on a new question set without closing the box with the old question set within, then Lifestorybank will just refresh the old question box with the new questions rather than open a new window or page. It is more efficient for your pc, laptop etc. than having numerous question sets open at once.

12) Can I use Lifestorybank on my iPad or phone?

To be honest, Lifestorybank is optimised for pc or laptop because one part uses Flash. But, there are work arounds. You will first have to download a flash supporting browser from the App store such as Photon Flash Browser from the play store because they support Flash. Instead of accesing through Safari, just click on the flash supporting Browser and access Lifestorybank through that.
If you are using Photon Flash, remember to click on the thunderbolt to activate the Flash player.