your life story

your life story

your life story


placerWe travel along the most amazing road of all - life.

What an amazing and unique journey it has been already with wonderful people and incredible experiences. Highs, lows, laughs and tears. Family, friends, journeys and there is more to come. All these things make us irreplaceable and individual.

It can be so hard to take the time to look back - where to even start? Life Story Bank is about making it EASY - a sort of online memory bank. Our computer generated interviewer asks questions making it easy to re-live moments, remember friends, tell the stories, viewpoints and leave caring advice.

All our question sets are organised into CHAPTERS. Making it EASY to find a subject to talk about and SIMPLE for loved ones to find the information left for them.



Full membership

placer3Full membership currently comes with a £90 / $149 one-off fee.

This allows access to over 30 Chapters, storage and use of all the innovations and new chapters we have planned for the future.

We can offer this low price because we use an on-line computer generated interviewer or avatar and not a live interviewer.

We want this service to grow with our members, be something that they can dip into and add to over the years.

So look out for new chapters that give the chance to explore new and different areas.

We understand that the thought of leaving a whole life story can be daunting. At Lifestorybank we have made it easy to do a little bit at a time. Question by question building up to chapters. Our members can do it in as many sessions as they need, re-record when they want and take as long as they like.


As a gift


What a great gift for a loved one - offering them the chance to leave their story and share their experiences, wisdom and love.

Why not purchase a full membership on a loved one's behalf? A wonderful way to show you care.


You can do this two ways:

1) Sign up using their details and follow the purchase process, they will automatically receive an email to the email address you add for them


2) Email us at and we'll help sort it out for you.

If you send us up to 5 photographs, we can put together a lovely movie for you to send as part of their gift. This is a FREE service.


Basic membership

The BASIC membership is completely FREE. placer2

We are so proud and passionate about our product that we would like everyone to have the opportunity to share their memories, regardless of their financial situation. Our basic membership gives access to 3 Chapters, with around 30 carefully selected questions completely FREE.