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Helping Teens and Grandparents Connect
Published: 23/12/2015

Have teenage kids? Have you noticed that the easy camaraderie that existed between your kids, when they were at primary school and your parents, has somehow evaporated? How do your teenagers, once the happy recipients of hugs and cuddles, react if there is even the faintest suggestion of a potential PDA* from an aging relative? I bet they disappear faster than an after dinner mint. If you live a distance away from your folks then this rift can seem to appear quite suddenly, probably because of the time delay between visits.

After the usual greetings and polite enquiries into health, there can be a dearth of conversation. The love is still there, it's just that with young children, the space after the 'hellos' is filled with gentle activities like drawing, playing or reading stories. Activities that no longer engage many teenagers and young adults. Yet the things that do inspire their interest are often out of the scope of their grandparents, activities such as tech, social media and music.

Heart breaking for the grandparents and hard not to notice, especially this time of year, when the poor weather can keep us cooped indoors together.

Grandparents and other older members of the family, have a lot of hard earned advice and wisdom they can share. They also know many funny stories, family legends and much family history and background that can appeal to the younger folk. Plus studies have shown that reminiscing can make us happier.

But let's be real here, in this digital age communication between youngsters is often done via tapping fingers, small cartoon emoji and social networks. This means younger folk don’t always know how to start the conversation or the questions to ask an older person face to face. We at think we have hit on the solution.

We see sharing memories and experiences as a way of bridging the gap between the generations. By combining tech with the fast diminishing art of conversation, Lifestorybank is an activity that Grandparents and their teen Grandchildren can do together. Not only will it appeal to them but there is even a bonus for us. The animated Lifestorybank interviewer asks questions which can start conversations. The answers are video recorded as clips and organised by chapter or theme. They build up into this great private family library of information which we can watch and enjoy when the mood takes up. Win:Win!

If the grandparents are a bit confused by technology then the grandchildren can help by sitting with them and helping them choose the questions to answer. Even if the grandparents are pretty technology savvy, getting the grandchildren to help would still be a lovely activity.

Do you have to use Lifestorybank to do this? Absolutely not. You could always take time out to write down questions, set up an account in the cloud and invest in continually updated recording and playback software to make sure you always have access to these files, like we do.

So why not either work out your own solution, or sign up to today? The basic version of three chapters is completely free and the full version of over thirty chapters is only a one off fee of £90 / $149. It is much cheaper than the hundreds, and even thousands, other interview companies charge and makes a great gift. We do not charge extra to re-record, change or delete and you get permanent storage of memories. Storing your memories securely in the cloud also provides you with access 24/7 anywhere in the world where there is internet.

Oh! One last thing. We do ask for a mobile number when you sign up but only use it as an identifier in case you forget your password.

Wishing you a super week.

*PDA = Public Display of Affection