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Stealing your memories - the tragedy of dementia
Published: 23/07/2015

One of our family members has Alzheimer’s. It is devastating and the only solace we have is knowing that she doesn’t know how ill she is. Grandma has changed from a vibrant multi-lingual, chic and loving lady to a skeletal lady who has difficulty talking, eating, getting dressed and doesn’t know who we are.

What hasn't changed is her heart of gold and her capacity for joy. She can still FEEL. The last time I went out with her, I noticed that she was immediately attracted to all the little children she saw. They made her face light up and she smiled. They made her feel happy and perhaps triggered old memories from when she had children.

We have learned the hard way what we have lost – we didn't think about recording stuff early enough and hadn’t developed Lifestorybank until it was too late for her, which is a tragedy. In our naivety about the disease we somehow thought we had more time than we ultimately had.

Here are some worrying UK based statistics that we have found:

* There are currently 800,000 people with dementia in the UK.

* Of these, over 17,000 have early onset dementia. This means they are relatively young.

* Estimates say there will be over a MILLION people with dementia by 2021.

* Two thirds of dementia sufferers are women.

At least we comfort ourselves with the fact that with the videos we have created about ourselves through Lifestorybank, we know that our children and their children will not lose as much as we have lost.

We know that if we were ever afflicted, that we have a resource that we can use and our children and carers can use to trigger memories and help us reclaim and retain what we have.

We cannot change the worrying statistics. We cannot stop folk getting sick. Only breakthroughs in research can do that.

What we CAN do is encourage people to record information. Encourage YOU to record information.

With Lifestorybank we have make it EASY to remember, to record and to build a fab online memory bank of life stories, memories, facts and advice. So that if anything DOES happen then at least all is not lost. So we would urge you to spend a minute or two to record some stuff.

Video is better than written. Written is better than forgotten.

If you are struggling to start or don’t know what to say then use We have done years of research to make it as easy and painless as possible. Unlike many services you can delete, record and re-record at any point at no extra cost. It's private and there is a FREE option of over thirty questions which builds up to hours of recording to help you get going.

Do it for your KIDS. Do it for YOU. Starting takes minutes - do it TODAY.