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Cherished Family Memories
Published: 16/11/2013

Do you have children? If so does it sometimes amaze you what they remember from when they were little?

Today we drove past a tree which had been hit by lightning and it triggered the memory of a story I had told my daughter when she was very young.

I had made up this story because my daughter had been sad that there was a tree which had been 'hurt' by lightning. It was about how the tree was hurt at first but then really happy because the lightning had carved out a space in the tree. This meant there was room for the children to play and animals to shelter and the tree felt useful again. Perhaps a bit lame but it WORKED and she was not only happy that the tree wasn’t sad but it became a favourite place to play for a while. I had TOTALLY forgotten all about it. Yet there it was buried deep in her memory… and even deeper in mine!

Her younger sister, who was only a baby at the time was also interested in hearing all about the story and the reasons behind it. A little bit of family history that she was too young to appreciate at the time but which she enjoyed finding out about. So much in fact that we started talking about how we would like to go back to the woods where we found that first hollowed out, lightning struck tree!

It just takes a little something – perhaps a word, an image, an object or even someone asking you a question to open the floodgates. Isn't it amazing what triggers happy memories? Isn’t it wonderful when someone in your family remembers something that you had forgotten all about? A treasured story, a loved family member or friend, a beloved pet, a cherished toy, a favourite place even the 'old' family house.

Our collective family memories can nourish our souls and bond us together. Here’s a thought, why not pull out a few old photos or toys or DVDs and show them to your children? Or go to a place you haven’t been to for ages, perhaps where you used to go when the kids were little? See what memories are evoked and celebrate that wonderful life journey you are following together.