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I'll do it ... later..
Published: 19/08/2013

Melanie contacted me about Her daughter had been given a new ipod for Christmas. Struggling to record on it she asked her dad and he showed her how by leaving a short message telling her he loved her and how proud of her he was. When he died suddenly of a heart attack two months later it is this small message that has had the greatest affect.

When feeling low, his daughter plays it over and over again. It took just a few minutes to do but the affect has been profound for this little girl. Melanie also has two young twin boys and would have loved something for them too. The only thing is her husband didn’t realise he had so little time so didn’t leave anything. Sound familiar? What if we all spent a few minutes leaving a message? Just in case? Wouldn’t it be worth it?  What if we left some information about ourselves, some advice as well as a message. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our children, partners, parents and all our loved ones had a way to connect even when we are physically gone? How much support, help and healing would that offer?

Melanie wanted me to tell her story because she can see first hand how this message from her husband has been such a comfort to her daughter. She is creating her lifestorybank account for her children, so that if something happens to her they will have something to help them not only straight away but over years. It only takes minutes to answer a few questions and start building up. A bit like saving money – if you felt you could only start when you had hundreds of pounds saved up then it would be quite daunting. However, putting a small bit away each week or month all adds up. It takes time and patience but is easy once you get into the habit. The important thing is to take the plunge and START.

Lifestorybank is divided into chapters, our on-line avatar asks you about your life, experiences, family, ancestry and also asks you your advice about all sorts of topics, so that you can leave the result of your life journey and experience too. Unlike other companies who use people to interview you, we have developed an online avatar because of the many benefits. Being interviewed by an avatar makes it PRIVATE, much more relaxed, available to you 24/7, easy to re-record and add to. You can record and re-record as much as you like and at any point. The aim is to make it EASY.

The best part is that you get  three chapters completely FREE which include a mix of question topics and a chance to leave a message. This is really important because this is your chance to tell everyone how much you love them, how proud you are of them and leave a lovely, lasting memory. Remember no one will be able to see your recordings unless they are invited to so you must either invite them personally or leave a password in your Will.

Every adult I know has either had a loved one or a friend die before their time. Every. Adult. According to the latest published *government statistics for the UK, over 20% of men and over 10% of women die younger than 65. Either from a sudden death (such as from accidents, heart attacks and other symptom free illness) or from other disease such as cancer. Women are also twice as likely to get Dementia or Alzheimers. A slower death that seeing recorded memories may help. There is so much we can do to help those left behind too.

We have a chance, it only takes a few minutes. Even if you would rather not use lifestorybank it doesn't matter. Video record a message. Unless you are a superb actor or know the person interviewing you REALLY well, do it alone otherwise you can appear tense. A letter isn't personal enough, they will miss your voice, your face, your expressions the way you move your hands. They won't get that from a typed piece, a photo book or even a voice recording. They won't get that from an old facebook or twitter account either. They will get that from seeing you talking to them and feeling that a part of you is still with them. You are important. They are IMPORTANT. So is this.


* Government statistics: -