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Deadlines and Drama
Published: 30/06/2013

How do you convey the joy of re-living and re-discovering memories, experiences and friends in a short piece of text? How do you distill how vital leaving a video recorded legacy is for the emotional wellbeing and support of loved ones in a few words? How do you explain a brand new concept and service in a sentence? How do you prompt busy people to consider doing something for the future in a comment? How do you capture all the research in a caption???

Needless to say we struggled a bit when we found ourselves coming up with the artwork for an advert in the Independent on Sunday Review magazine (July 7th2013).  We negotiated a great rate but of course the catch was that we only had a few hours to submit.

We are all about video – where a lot of information is non-verbal such as expression, tone and gesture. So a static advert with a little text was a challenge.  We totally believe that this service is important, not just for the present but also for the benefits that continue for years after. We believe so strongly in the benefits of our service and are passionate about getting as many people as possible to leave something of themselves. So when we brainstormed, as you can imagine there was a LONG list. Our free membership means that there is no financial implication however it is such a new concept that it takes some time to explain it.

So we took our massive list and brutally cut it down to a few paragraphs. With the help from the agency we came up with the advert attached. A dramatic end to a great week. Would love to know what you think of the final result and tell us about anything you think we might have missed. xx

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